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Plan A Baby Shower And We’ll Tell You What You Should Name Your Kids!

Naming a baby is a huge deal! That’s (usually) the one thing about your future kid that will stick with them the rest of their lives. No pressure, right? Even before the baby gets here, you have to decide on a whole lot of other things about their lives — including how to throw them their own special celebration.

Yup, we’re talking about baby showers. Fortunately, the type of baby shower you plan is a great predictor of what you’ll name your kid. Are you more classic or trendy? Are traditions important to you, or not so much? See?! Told you. Even if you’re planning a shower for someone else, you’re still navigating your way around the mysterious world of all things baby. You already have a parenting style and well-developed taste in baby names without even knowing it. See for yourself: plan a baby shower and we’ll tell you what to name your future kids.