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Plan a Vacation and We’ll Tell You Which TV Couple You and Your S.O. Are

They say if you really love someone, the test of your relationship will be how well you travel together. And whoever “they” are, they kind of have a point. When you travel together, all of the highs and lows of life are condensed into a small amount of time. Do you two have the same ideas of fun, adventure, and relaxation? We hope so! All of the good and bad of someone’s personality comes out when you go on vacation.

So, it’s fairly easy to tell what TV couple you and your significant other are based on how you plan a vacation. Beyond what you two like best, each element you choose reflects directly on you as a couple and your individual personalities. You can deduce a lot about temperament based on how you’d like to spend your time off. Now, where are you two adventuring off to? Plan a vacation and we’ll pick a TV couple that’s the most like you and your significant other! Trust us on this…