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How’s Your Etiquette? Take This Manners Quiz To Find Out Which Royal Family Member You Are!

Doing something rude in front of the Queen of England is one of the most embarrassing things one could ever do. When you want to be friendly and pleasing to others, making the wrong etiquette mistake can ruin your world! Do you have good manners? You may think your manners are pristine, but you might silently be making the wrong impression on strangers. Just how good are your manners? Knowing whom to introduce first in a conversation, when to respond to a wedding or event invitation or even how to hold a wine glass can subconsciously change how you present yourself to the world. Do you know how to properly place silverware at the end of a meal? How about whether bringing a gift is absolutely necessary to a party? You might even be passing the salt the wrong way at dinner! Answer these 12 etiquette questions and we’ll tell you which member of the royal family you are!