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Will You Be A Cool Granny? This Childhood Quiz Will Reveal Your Grandparent Style

Being a grandparent is pretty much the best gig ever. You get to enjoy all the best parts of having kids without the less-than-fun parts, like midnight feedings, potty training and discipline. So what type of grandparent will you be? Are you all about rules and structure, or will you be so easy-going that the kids will be able to get away with anything? Are you an adventurous spirit who plans on taking your grandkids on exotic trips through the jungle, or are you the goofy type who prefers horsing around to discipline?

This quiz will ask you a series of questions about your childhood, such as what your favorite recess activity was and what gross things you did as a kid (any nose-pickers out there?). Then, we’ll calculate your answers and reveal what type of grandparent you’ll be. Ready to hear your geriatric future? Grab your reading glasses, unwrap a few Werther’s Originals hard candies, and let’s get started!