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Find Out Your Perfect Sport By Playing This Daily Routine Quiz

The world is full of all kinds of exercise. You can hit a ball, kick a ball, throw a ball, whack a ball with a racket…and even do some things that don’t involve balls at all! The best thing about all these sports is that the variety means almost everyone can find the right sport for them.

But how do you identify which sport fits perfectly into your life? How do you know if you should be climbing a mountain or swimming the width of the English Channel? You didn’t think we’d leave you to figure it all out on your own did you?

Your old pal MagiQuiz is here to match the right sport to your lifestyle. Just give us a day in the life, from morning to those last sleepy moments before drifting off to dreamland and we’ll tell you how you should be moving your body. Let’s get sportsing!