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Tell Us Your Favorite Food and We’ll Guess Your Relationship Status

Love and food are among the basic necessities in life. Not only do you need nutritious calories every day, but you also need to feel desired and connected to another human. However, we all have different tastes in food and lovers.

Can we guess your relationship status by your taste in food? Would you rather eat a pancake, waffle, omelette, or croissant for breakfast? What’s your go-to delivery meal? Would you rather eat cake, brownies, pie, or ice cream? Are you more of a beef, chicken, pork, or meat-free kind of person? What kind of toppings do you take on your pizza? What do you most look forward to for Thanksgiving every year? Which country would you rather visit just for the cuisine? What type of fruit is your cup of tea?

Answer these 12 food questions and we’ll guess whether you’re single, taken, or something in between!