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Human bodies are the source of many pet peeves. Which of these oh-so-human things drives you up the wall?


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  • Lettuce in someone’s teeth

  • Mouth breathing

  • Loud chewing

  • Cracking knuckles

  • Body builder–style excessive muscle



You see a poster with a tiny mistake. Which one of these annoys you the most?


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  • It’s so fancy you can’t read it

  • Poor kerning

  • Grammar mistakes

  • Colors that clash or make the poster hard to read

  • Something that’s trying too hard to be trendy



Which of these social things annoys you the most?


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  • People who brag too much.

  • That friend who always bums some money but never covers other people.

  • Small talk.

  • When people argue about something but no one actually knows anything about it.

  • Bullying.



You're chilling and relaxing with a book. Your partner comes up and does one of these things. What is most likely to annoy the heck out of you?


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  • Says they don’t want to bother me, when they clearly want my attention.

  • Doesn’t give me time to finish and mark my place.

  • Interrupts me and expect me to put the book down.

  • Says something negative about the book I’m reading.

  • Spoils the ending.



You're people-watching at the airport and you notice something. What is most likely to get your hackles up?


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  • Someone yelling at their partner.

  • The businessman who elbows everyone out of the way because they Have Important Places to Be.

  • Everyone on their cell phones.

  • People littering.

  • Someone bogarting all the outlets.



Which of these feels most inconsiderate to you?


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  • People who only talk about themselves.

  • People who talk down to me.

  • Someone who is chronically late.

  • People who cut in line.

  • Someone talking on their phone in the movie theater.



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