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Text These Boys Back And We’ll Predict Your Romantic Future For 2018

It can be pretty awkward texting a guy for the first time. You’re constantly wondering if you’re coming on too strong, or if your text could be taken the wrong way. So, what’s your texting style?

When a guy that you just met texts you asking for a date, how do you respond? Are you usually just sweet and sincere? Or do you like to throw some sassy banter in there? Do you make your feelings known when you’re just not that into the dude? Or are the type to just leave the guy hanging and never respond?

This quiz will give you twelve difference scenarios involving guys you just met asking you out. You’ll get a series of responses (or non-responses) and choose the one you’re most likely to send. Then, based on your choices, we’ll reveal what your romantic future for 2018 holds.

Ready to hear your fate? Grab your phone, warm up your texting fingers and let’s get started!