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The Average American Can Correctly Answer 6 of These Greek Mythology Questions. Can You Do Better?

By Jove! Greek and Roman mythology has played a crucial role influencing western civilization for thousands of years. Though the Hellenic peninsula now practices Orthodox Christianity, the ancient gods are still found in the language and culture of the western world. How much do you know about Greek mythology? Do you know which gods represented the earth, sun, sea, and sky? How about which ones were the children of Zeus, the king of Mount Olympus? What were the names of the very first deities to come from the void of Chaos? Which goddess’ presence is responsible for the seasons of spring and summer? If you can answer these 12 basic questions on Greek mythology, you definitely had a classical education! The average person today will only be able to answer six of these questions. Can you prove that you are a knowledgeable scholar of the ancient world? Take this quiz to find out!