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We’ll Guess Your Zodiac Sign Based On Your Harry Potter Opinions

The world of Harry Potter has been enchanting children and adults alike since the first book Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was released in 1997. Six books and eight movies later, HP has turned into a worldwide phenomenon. Everyone has their own unique favorites from the Harry Potter universe. Some people choose George as their favorite Weasley, while others are die-hard Ron fans. Some say Professor McGonagall is the best teacher at Hogwarts, while another might instead choose Professor Lupin. Some fans might choose Crookshanks as their magical companion animal, while others might be team Hedwig.

This quiz will ask you a series of questions regarding your Harry Potter opinions, and with that information calculate what we believe to be your zodiac sign. The results are so accurate it seems almost magical! Ready to be mystified? Grab your wand, push up the sleeves on your robe, and let’s get started!