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How do you prefer to express your emotions?


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  • Crying. Often.

  • I jump or dance or spin.

  • I write.

  • I do something physical, like a hard run.

  • I like to talk it out with someone.



Everyone has a catchphrase, whether they realize it or not; what's yours?


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  • “More cowbell”

  • “Well, isn’t that special?”

  • “Who loves ya, baby?”

  • “Good night and good luck.”

  • “Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!”



What topic is most likely to get you talking for a long time?


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  • How much I love my family and friends.

  • All the things I have to get done.

  • My pet peeves.

  • That time my ex did something awful to me.

  • My latest hobby or interest.



Which one of these things took up most of your time in college?


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  • Partying

  • Studying

  • Meeting new people.

  • Feeling frustrated or overwhelmed.

  • Missing high school.



Are you a lightweight?


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  • Absolutely.

  • It takes a few drinks, but then I get really bubbly.

  • I definitely have to overindulge for the effects to be obvious.

  • I can put away more than most people.

  • I have the alcohol tolerance of a tank.



You wake up and all you remember about the night before is tequila shots. What most likely happened?


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  • I probably proposed to someone.

  • There is a high likelihood I got into a fistfight.

  • I most likely cried.

  • Probably a lot of dancing and a lot of singing.

  • Sadly, I probably curled up in front of the couch and watched Netflix.



You go out with your friends and one of them asks you to dance with them. How do you respond?


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  • Nah, I don’t have the energy.

  • I jump up and start dancing with my friend, duh!

  • I was the one who led the way to the dance floor.

  • I get annoyed that they interrupted my conversation.

  • No one ever asks me to dance…



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