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What Kind of Engagement Ring Matches Your Personality?

If you’re on the hunt for an engagement ring (whether you’re seriously searching or just dreaming of the future), you’ve likely stared at photo after photo of different rings. No matter whether you’ve been a jewelry expert since you were a kid or you wear the same simple piece day after day, deciding which ring is meant to be yours for eternity can be confusing, intimidating, and definitely overwhelming. When the big day comes, you want to make sure the ring that is slipped on your finger is everything you always dreamed it would be. Only this quiz will efficiently narrow down exactly what engagement ring is perfect for you. Tell us about your personality, and we’ll reveal whether the best ring for you has a giant, breathtaking center stone or a ring of colored stones, whether it’s yellow or rose gold, and whether the stone is round, square, or cushion cut. So which sparkler matches your personality?