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It's easy to get a little obsessive when you adore a TV show. When you absolutely love a show, what do you do?


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  • Watch it over and over again.

  • Quote lines from it with my friends.

  • Go to conventions and dress up.

  • Save it to watch when I want something comforting and familiar.

  • I binge watch a show in one sitting.



Some shows are made to veg out to, and other shows are made for serious attention. What is the show you always focus on 100 percent?


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    The West Wing
    Game of Thrones
    Stranger Things
    Something not listed here



What's your snack of choice for TV watching sessions?


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  • Popcorn. Classic.

  • I like to mix it up and eat all kinds of new and cool snacks that I can find. The weirder the better.

  • I’m a fan of wings.

  • Chips and salsa, definitely.

  • Cheese, and maybe a glass of wine.

  • I’m not really a snacker when I watch TV.



Comedy or drama?


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  • Comedy

  • Drama

  • I can’t choose between them. Love them both.



Lots of shows use archetypes for their characters. Tell us about your favorite archetype.


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  • I love the prankster. Anyone who’s always up to hijinks is my favorite.

  • I like the action hero. If someone is kicking butt, they have my vote.

  • I love nerds. The smart sidekick or powerful lawyer who always knows what to say is my favorite.

  • I will defend weirdos to the death. People who are quirky or off-beat are my favorite archetype.

  • I typically like “the nice guy” or people who are just generally sweet. If I had to sum them up, they’d be the heart of the show.

  • I don’t prefer one particular archetype over another.



Who is your favorite TV dad?


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    Red Foreman from That '70s Show
    Archie Bunker from All In the Family
    Walter White from Breaking Bad
    John Winchester from Supernatural
    Some other TV dad



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