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We’ll Tell You If Your Birthstone Actually Matches Your Personality

Our personalities do not always match up with the birthstone we are assigned based on our birthdays. It is hard to know if your birthstone is actually right for you until you take a quiz like this, which will reveal the birthstone that really fits your personality. Being born in a specific month means squat when it comes to your tendencies and preferences! Take this test to find out what color gem you should be. This test has 19 questions about everything. We will ask you how you behave in a relationship and also what sort of accessories you prefer. You will answer questions about your favorite Netflix shows, favorite things to eat for breakfast, and your pet preferences. It is this sort of information that will help us make an informed choice about the gemstone that really matches your personality. It very well may not be the one you were assigned when you were born. Take the quiz now to find out which one it is!