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Answer These Questions to Learn Who Your ’90’s Rom-Com Character Is

The ’90s were a golden age of Rom Coms. Whether you’re partial to Sleepless in Seattle, Clueless, or the criminally underrated Notting Hill, we’ve all dreamed about slipping into our favorite movies. Well here’s your chance!

Are you artsy, awkward, and far from popular? Are you incredibly loyal? Well then you might be Laney Boggs of “She’s All That” fame. Are you popular, fashionable, and maybe just a little bit spoiled? Well then maybe you’re more Cher from “Clueless”. Or maybe you’re Kathleen Kelly of “You’ve Got Mail.” You’re bookish, quiet, and maternal, but also strong and willing to take on anyone who threatens your little bookstore.

Point is, there’s only like 6 different personalities on this weird rock we call earth, and gosh-darn-it all of those personalities fits perfectly into a 90s rom com. And don’t get us started on 2000s rom coms. That’s a whole new quiz entirely.