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Do you smoke?


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  • Constantly.

  • I tried it once and it wasn’t for me.

  • I’ve done a few less…savory things.

  • No thank you.

  • Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.



How often do you like to do the same things over again?


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  • Every day! Each time I do them they’re a little different. It’s exciting.

  • Routine helps me to be less anxious.

  • I often do the same things because I know what I like, and so I do the things that I like.

  • I never do the same thing twice.

  • I like to try new things, although there are times when I’ll come back to the familiar.



Are you easily offended?


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  • Not in the slightest. I laugh off nearly everything.

  • I really like to be around people, so I’m sensitive to rejection, but otherwise I let things roll off my back.

  • I’m fairly conscientious, so I take it seriously when someone says something negative to me. It can look like I’m offended or sensitive.

  • I have a strong sense of pride and get offended whenever someone questions or criticizes me.

  • I have a very short temper, and when someone says the wrong thing I get offended.



How careful are you with your appearance?


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  • I don’t pay much attention to it at all.

  • My appearance might be “weird” to some, but I’m still careful with it.

  • My family has always tried to get me to look a certain way, but I screw it up a lot because I’m very active.

  • I care a great deal about my presentation and decorum. It reflects on my superiors.

  • I like to present myself well.



What motivates you to get up each morning?


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  • Fun!

  • Duty.

  • Adventure.

  • Pranks.

  • Pleasure.



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