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Which “Grease” Pink Lady Are You Most Like?

Grease is the word! It’s also our favorite high school musical. (Sorry, High School Musical.) When we watch and sing along to Grease, we all have our favorite characters. The Grease Pink Ladies were the original Disney princesses! They each have their very own style, look, character, and sense of humor. So, which lady from the Pinks would you have played if you were in the movie? Are you a really good friend but sort of lost when it comes to your future, like Frenchy? Or are you pretty much food-obsessed and loyal to a fault, like Jan? Maybe you are the mature one of your group of friends, like Marty, or the hothead leader of the group, Rizzo. Perhaps you are even a goodie-two-shoes who finds herself, the one, the only Sandy! Take this quiz to find out which Pink Lady you are! And just as importantly, which T-bird you would end up dating!