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Which Harry Potter Character Should You Marry?

When J.K. Rowling wrote the Harry Potter series, she opened the door to an entire world of magic that muggles never even knew existed. It’s easy for fans to get completely immersed in the HP universe, and before you know it you’re imagining what house you’d be sorted into and which magical job you’d have after graduating from Hogwarts.

But what about your love life? If you could marry anyone in the Harry Potter series, who would it be? Would your perfect match be a driven intellectual like Hermione Granger? Or are you more of an adrenaline junkie who prefers an intense game of sports to a laid-back afternoon of reading? Could you imagine spending your life with someone sweet, shy, and a bit clumsy like Neville? Or is a goofy and fun-loving Weasley more your style?

We’ll ask you a series of personality-based questions and, after calculating your answers, will choose your ideal future spouse. Ready to find out what your magical future holds? Grab your wand and let’s get started!