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Which Two Disney Villains Make Up the DNA of Your Personality?

We all like to fancy ourselves the hero type, but the truth is that we all have a mean streak in us. We are simply not princes and princesses all the time. That would be impossible. Sometimes, in the story of our own lives, we are the villains. But what kind of villain are we? Disney villains are the most well-known wicked characters around. They are conniving and dastardly and plain old mean, but not all in the same way. Chances are, your evil self is not wholly represented by just one Disney villain. That is where this quiz comes in. This quiz will surmise which two wicked Disney villains combine to form your evil personality. Are you cat-like and clever like Scar and Shere Khan? Or are you full of hubris and selfishness like Gaston and Cruella de Vil? There is only one way to find out… Take this quiz now!