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Who Are You in Your Friend Group Based on Your Favorite TV Shows From Childhood?

Was anyone else raised by the television? OK, most of us had parents, and some of them had very strict rules about TV consumption, but you have to be kidding if you think the shows you watched growing up weren’t a formative experience in an of themselves. There was school, your friends, your sports teams and whatnot, then there were your ever constant buddies that lived in your TV screens and told you fun stories! Did they have any influence on who you are as a person? How about how you interact with others?

Can we tell who you are in your friend group based on your favorite television shows from growing up? Are you pretty much an amalgamation of your favorite characters… and like, some family and friends and teachers, sure, but right now we’re talking about glorious, wonderful TELEVISION. So, take this quiz, pick your favorites of the bunch, and we’ll tell you who you are. Easy peasy!