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Who Said It: Donald Trump or Grandpa Simpson?

There are more than a few similarities between Homer’s elderly father Abraham Simpson (also known as “Grandpa” Simpson) from the beloved animated series The Simpsons and the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump. Both are prone to complaining (Trump by way of his beloved Twitter account, and Abe via letters of complaint to various publications and businesses), both show obvious signs of senility, and both have a tendency to fly into a fit of rage at the drop of a hat.

So how skilled are you at telling them apart? If we gave you a rather obscure quote that involved calling someone by a dirty name or jabbering on about something nonsensical, could you identify who said it? While it might sound easy, this quiz is surprisingly tricky. Test your Trump and Grandpa knowledge with this hilarious quiz! Now grab your dentures, comb your comb-over, and let’s get started!