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Who Were You in a Past Life Based on Your Favorite Movie Characters?

Your favorite movie characters can feel like friends (whom you’ve never met and are totally fictional) and what kinds of characters you’re drawn to can reveal what speaks to you on a deeper level. Really! If you look back at your favorite movies are you drawn to an underdog story? Or the tale of a subversive, smart insider dismantling a larger system of power? These kinds of patterns can tell you what’s going on inside. Maybe, something so deep down that you don’t even know what it is that’s drawing you to these characters.

Is it a past self who identifies with Hitchcock movies? I don’t know — maybe! But, especially if you used to be a mysterious, shadowy figure in the past, that totally makes sense. Your subconscious preferences are revealing your past selves as we speak! Spooky, isn’t it? And you thought your favorites were just because you liked them. Nope, blame it on what the Renaissance did to your past-self. Do you know who you were in a past life? Tell us who your favorite movie characters are and we’ll tell you.