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Will You Stick With Your 2018 New Year’s Resolution?

It’s 2018 and time to ring in the new year! Pop some champagne, find that special someone to kiss, and of course, get busy writing those new year’s resolutions. Who do you want to be in this fresh, new year? You could commit to your health, you could find a new job, you could meet your mate, or you could travel to new places.

But more important than what you choose to resolve is whether you’ll follow through on it. Thousands of resolutions are made each year, but how often do you see them through the full year?

We’ve put together the ultimate in resolution quizzes. We know just what habits lead to successful goals, and we’re asking all the questions to find out if you’re set up for a successful 2018. Just tell us what you’re planning, and we’ll look into your future and tell you whether your resolution is going to boom or bust.