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Build an Ice Cream Sundae and We’ll Reveal Your Perfect Celebrity Husband

Ice cream sundaes are delicious. This is an undeniable fact. But they can also be overwhelming. So many topping options. Vanilla or chocolate base? Whipped cream or no? The options are endless, so you can go a little crazy creating a sundae that perfectly matches your taste.

Just like these sweet treats, men come in all kinds of flavors. Do you want a classic gentleman, a funny man who is always making you chuckle, or a sporty guy who’s all about fitness? There are so many choices, it can be hard to know just who would be perfect for you.

So we’ve made the obvious choice to combine sweets and sweeties. Build us the most decadent, delicious ice cream sundae you can imagine, and we’ll deliver straight to your monitor the perfect celeb hubby for you. We promise he’ll be just as mouthwatering as the ice cream creation you delivered to us.