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Tell Us What You See in These Inkblot Images, and We’ll Reveal Something About Your Personality

Here at Magiquiz, we know a thing or two about psychology. We’ve finely honed our quiz craft to use the latest and greatest techniques to determine just what kind of a person you are. Today’s go-to gizmo for getting to the bottom of things is the Rorschach test. If you’ve ever wanted to know whether inkblots on a page can really reveal who you are, this Rorschach test is just waiting for you.

Take your time, give these blots a gander, and tell us what you see. The inkblots hold all kinds of images, and it’s up to you to unearth the one that speaks to you. We’ll know what kind of personality you have: introverted, extroverted, leader, follower, realist, or idealist. It’s time to take your Rorschach test and find out how immensely powerful these inkblots really are. Just don’t be too freaked out when we know your personality to a T.