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Can You Identify These Comedy Movies By Their Taglines?

Everyone loves a good comedy movie, and everyone loves quoting their favorite funny lines. From “Surely you can’t be serious” (“I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley”) to “I’m in a glass case of emotion,” the funniest movies sure do stick with us.

But even if you know the characters, the plot, and the lines like the back of your hand, there’s one element of funny movies that is a little more challenging to recognize. If we were to say, for example, “Come to Kazakhstan, it is nice!” we’re sure you’d be able to guess we’re talking about the one and only Borat. But comedy movie taglines can get a whole lot tougher than that.

Step into our trivia room, take a seat, and see how well you remember the marketing from these twelve comedy movies. We’re betting you get at least a few wrong. These taglines are totally tricky.