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Can You Tell the Difference Between REAL Chinese Food and American Chinese Food?

It’s only natural that international cuisines evolve to American tastes after recipes are passed from one generation to the next. Even though most Chinese American dishes actually come from a real Chinese recipe, so many staples of American Chinese restaurants are totally unheard of in modern day China. Can you tell the difference between what is an American Chinese invention and a real Asian delicacy? The average American will not be able to tell whether crab rangoons are from San Francisco or Xi’an, whether kung pao chicken is from Sichuan or Seattle, or if egg rolls are from New York or Nanjing. Can you? Take this quiz to see if you know which country can take credit for mu shu pork, scallion pancakes, and potstickers! But don’t blame us if you’re hankering for some lo mein when this quiz is over. You’ll totally deserve it whether you pass or fail!