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These Relaxing Images Will Reveal What Famous Quote Applies To Your Life

When you’ve had a stressful day, what makes you feel the most relaxed? Is it curling up on your cozy couch with a good book? Or is it strolling down a quiet country road and just listening to the crickets? Are you all about colorful fall walks through the woods with a thermos filled with hot apple cider? Or is your idea of a relaxing day lounging on a sparkling sandy beach at an all-inclusive tropical resort? Everyone has their own ideas about the perfect way to achieve peace of mind and tranquility. This quiz is all about identifying what makes you feel the calmest. We’ll show you a series of relaxing images, and you pick the ones that speak to you the most. Then, based on your choices, we’ll reveal which meaningful quote most applies to your life. Ready to feel inspired? Sit back, relax, grab a hot cup of tea, and let’s get started!