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Which Parks and Recreation Character Are You?

Welcome to Pawnee, Indiana, home of the most dedicated Parks and Recreation office you’ll ever meet. We’ve got our director, Ron Swanson, a man of the earth and lover of bacon. We’ve got our intern April, angst personified. For some reason, Andy is always hanging around (sometimes shining shoes, sometimes breaking things). Tom is the swag master extraordinaire. And of course, there’s the fearless leader, Leslie, a woman of zest and pizzazz.

The Pawnee Parks and Rec office is truly a cast of characters, and after watching them all for seven seasons, we know that you love them all. Every friend group has their Parks and Rec characters picked out: Maybe you’re an Andy, lovable but not that smart. Or perhaps you’re an Ann, glorious sunfish, beautiful peacock. Or maybe you’re always treatin’ yoself like Tom.

Take the quiz. Find out which of these lovable characters channels your inner self. You won’t be sorry.