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Deal With These Stressful Situations and We’ll Reward You With Cake

Life sure is stressful sometimes. It throws all kinds of things at us that lead to a rise in blood pressure: work troubles, moms nagging, trying to deal with kids, and even the small stress of losing something. Even good stuff can be stressful sometimes: Things like moving into a new house or starting a new job is certainly a pain.

That’s why you deserve a reward. What better reward could possibly exist than a cake tailored exactly to your personal problem-solving style? Basically none, which is why we’ve hand created this gorgeous quiz for you to earn yourself some delicious, one of a kind cake.

Let’s jump into these stressful situations so that we can get to that cake as soon as possible. I’m sure you’ll show us a thing or two on how to handle the tough stuff. Watch out world; you’re about to have some seriously stress-savvy folks on your hands, and not only that, they’ll have cake.