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Even Die-Hard SNL Fans Only Get 60% on This Quiz

Live from your laptop — it’s TIME TO TAKE A QUIZZZZ!!! Sorry, we had to. Saturday Night Live, the amazing, legendary late-night sketch comedy show on NBC has so much history and was the catalyst for the careers of so many of our favorite performers to date. The characters, the musical acts, the scandals… Gosh, where to start? We all know the basics: the epic Ashlee Simpson lip-sync snafu, quote our favorite sketches and characters, and look forward to Weekend Update every single Saturday. But beyond that? Who’s to say?

Okay now, no Googling to cheat your way through this! This SNL quiz is meant to test your bounds in the show’s extensive history. This trivia is only known and shared by the most extreme fans, so don’t feel bad if you don’t get it. But, do you imagine Studio 8H to be its own kind of utopia, not unlike Disney World? Cool. Us, too. Let’s get going!