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Only a Devout Christian Can Pass This Quiz About Protestantism

You go to church every Sunday, you’ve read your Bible cover to cover. You’ve got this whole Christianity thing on lockdown, huh? Not only that, but you know your Protestant history, and you aren’t afraid to debate the finer points of different denominations. Calvinism, Lutheranism, Episcopalianism — a lot of -isms, sure, but you feel confident you know the doctrine of each and every one.

Let’s put all of that confidence to the test.

Put your money where your mouth is and show us if you’re savvy about sacraments, up to date on your doctrines, and hip to the history of Protestantism. Sure it sounds like that might not be a piece of cake (after all, you’ve studied for years), but it might turn out to be a little more challenging than you expect.

Strap in and hope the spirit is on your side. It’s time to get biblical.