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Only a Real Weirdo Knows Which of These Urban Legends Are Real

Legends can tell you a lot about a culture: what they value and more importantly, what they fear. But, some of the classic urban legends we all know have to be based in reality, right? We all had that friend growing up who swore that they heard this happened because their cousin’s best friend told them it happened at camp. The creepy killer lurking in the woods, the ghost who gets summoned if you say their name three times in the mirror, pets turning and eating their owners. Yikes! Did any of them really happen?

Only real weirdos keep digging and researching these stories. Others talk themselves down from freaking out so they can actually fall asleep at night. Which one are you? Can you easily separate fact from fiction? Are you comfortable with creepy, spooky facts or are you a strong urban legend denier? Is there a killer with a hook trolling your neighborhood scratching at your window? We don’t know — you tell us! Take this quiz and test your urban legend expertise!