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Only an Architect Can Score 12/12 On This Building Style Quiz! Can You?

Architecture has been an important science and art since literally the dawn of civilization. Not only do buildings serve the vital human necessity of shelter, but they also invoke emotion and attitude in their inhabitants and observers. Whether a building is being used as a home or office space, it will give a specific feeling to whomever enters its doors. How well do you know the popular architectural styles in the United States? Though this country has been around for just shy of two centuries, there have been diverse styles for homes, offices, commercial buildings, and government institutions. Do you know the difference between a ranch and Victorian? How about a Cape Cod and a Georgian colonial? Whether you’re living in a home that’s a single story or in an urban high-rise, you should know the difference between these basic popular architectural styles, especially if you’ve watched enough hours of HGTV. Can you answer these 12 questions on basic American and European architecture? Take this quiz to find out!