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Only True Fish Fans Can Pass This Seafood Culinary Quiz

The average American eats about 4 ounces of seafood every week, and up to 15 pounds of seafood per year. While it’s not the most popular form of protein in North America, seafood is incredibly diverse and delicious. How much do you know about seafood, how it’s prepared, and fancy terms like “tomalley” and “mignonette”? If the only fish you’ve had all year is a Filet-o-Fish from Mickey D’s, forget it. If you know what lox is, what kind of eggs make up caviar, or the name of that green stuff inside a lobster, you have what it takes to pass this quiz! Even if you don’t like seafood, you might learn something useful — like the difference between oily and lean fish and whether fish is healthier fresh or frozen.

Which state produces more seafood than any other? How much seafood is actually imported from other countries? Take this quiz to find out!