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Can You Slay This Serial Killer Quiz?

America has a fascination with murderers. What makes these strange and terrifying people tick? Why do they do what they do? And how do you get inside their minds to stop them? If you think you have what it takes to delve deep into the minds of the most terrifying killers on the planet, then venture further into this serial killer quiz.

We’ll be asking you about the big names like Manson and Bundy, but we’ll push your knowledge even further than that. We’ll ask you about the Chess Killer, the Boston Strangler, the Zodiac killer, and more. We’ll find out if you know the ins and outs of their motives, their behaviors, and the patterns of these disturbing folks.
Let’s take a deep breath and head into the world of serial killers. It’s about to get pretty spooky, but if you keep your head on straight you might even get out of this quiz alive.