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Pick the Cutest Cats in Clothes and We’ll Reveal Your Strongest Personality Trait

Holy moly and gosh diggity darn it if cats aren’t just extremely cute. You might think it’s impossible to make felines any more fantastic, but have you ever seen a cat in clothes? Steam-rolling those adorability records and creating new highs of squee, cats in clothes are pretty much the best.
We’ve got so many very good cats for you. Cats with pants. Cats in hats. Holiday-themed cats. Cats in costumes. Naughty cats, curious cats, sleeping cats. If you’re a fan of the feline, you need to take this quiz if only to see the adorable pictures we’ve curated here.

But we’ve done you one better. Not only do you get dozens of perfect, pettable purr-machines, you’ll also learn your dominant personality trait. Curl up with these sweet kitters, get some insight into yourself, and get ready for a feline frenzy of fun times. Let’s get this quiz rolling!