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Rate This Wedding Decor and We’ll Pick Your Wedding Dress

Have you ever gone to a wedding and absolutely hated every choice made by the bride and groom? Maybe the decorations were tacky, perhaps the food was sub-par, or the bridesmaid dresses were not at all your taste.

We’ve all been there, and while it may sound a bit mean, we’ve all been guilty of criticizing other people’s wedding details. Because the truth is, everyone has their own unique style, and someone’s dream wedding might be someone else’s idea of a nightmare!

So what are you envisioning for your own big day? Are you a fan of rustic centerpieces? Or do you think mason jars and burlap are totally played out? Are you planning on wearing statement heels with your gown? Or would you rather choose something more elegant and understated?

We’ll show you a series of wedding details, and you give us your honest opinion. Then, based on your reactions, we’ll choose your ideal wedding gown. Ready? Let’s get started!