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Pick Some Winter Clothes and We’ll Plan Your Perfect Winter Date

Winter is the season for hot chocolate by a warm fire (or a space heater), snowball fights, and almost every major holiday. Unfortunately, for many of us it also means that colder weather affects your social life — and especially how you date. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a super-committed relationship or just started seeing someone new and exciting: if it’s winter, you’re probably not going for a hike or taking a day-trip to the beach anytime soon. You just date differently in the winter! Plain and simple. So what exactly should you do with your love interest when it’s chilly out?

Well, let’s take a look at your closet! Do you like to stay cozy or be more active in the winter? Your sweaters will answer that for you. So will your coat. How do you dress when you’re just hanging out at home or having a big flashy date? We got you covered. Let us plan your next winter date for you!