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Play This Game of “Would You Rather” and We’ll Guess Who You Voted For in the 2016 Presidential Election

The election might be over, but America isn’t over the election. Are you still nursing your wounds and looking forward to Midterm Elections 2018? Or are you proud to see your man in the White House, and looking forward to what he’ll do next?

No matter which way your vote went, with the help of our Magiquiz personality detecting questions, we know exactly who it was. Answer the 12 most important Would You Rather questions ever to find out if we can pin point which way you lean politically: are you sporting a Make America Great Again hat, or are you more likely to be found in a women’s march?

This uncannily on-point quiz is sure to figure out exactly which candidate was your pick in 2016. Let’s time travel back to the election and see if you fit the mold of a Trump voter or a Clinton supporter.