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This Tough Grammar Quiz Is Nearly Impossible To Pass. Do Your Best!

Woop woop! It’s the sound of the grammar police. We’ve cooked up a quiz that will test your head, and your brain, and your mind, too. Do you think you have what it takes to ace this tough grammar quiz? Can you tell your friends you’re in that illustrious 3% club?
I can. People keep telling me that doesn’t make me special though. I tend to disagree.

Grammar is what sets apart humans from like cats and dogs that can understand words but not sentences. And before you say, “my dog can understand the sentence ‘Do you want to go on a walk?'”, you’re wrong. You’re just saying it all exciting. Dog people….

I DIGRESS. Do your friends correct your grammar, or are you always making typos? Do you know the difference between “they’re,” “their,” and “there?” Answer these twenty questions to see if your grammar knowledge is up to par!