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Can You Answer These Disney True/False Questions?

The Disney universe is wide and deep, full of intriguing lore, fascinating characters, and far off places. Of all the things that exist in the Disney universe it can be challenging to remember exactly how things went. What was the name of the Prince in Sleeping Beauty? Wasn’t there something a little off about those dwarves in Snow White? And how much do you know about Mickey’s long history?

If you think you’re a true Disney fan, then this quiz is right for you. Let’s delve deep into the Disneyverse and see if we can trick you into thinking the false is true or the true is false. No matter what era of Disney we’ve got questions for you, and if you’ve forgotten the classics you’ll be in trouble. We’ve also got the latest and greatest movies to ask you about, so pull up a chair, sing a couple of Disney songs, and see how well you can remember these movies.