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What Do Your Chef Skills Have to Do with Your Love-Making Skills? A Lot, Apparently.

How you cook and how you eat is a pretty fair representation of how you make love. “But that’s not fair,” you may be thinking. “I’m bad at cooking!” Well, think about how you eat. Are you a picky eater? A sloppy eater? Do you always go back for seconds? Do you like your food quick and easy or do you appreciate the time and effort that’s put in to a meal, and do you take joy in putting that effort in? Do you like things spicy or do you prefer your dish mild? Do you prefer eating alone, with one person, or do you love sharing your food with other people? Who’s allowed to eat off your plate?

Please, tell us you’re seeing the innuendo in all of this. If you think about the answers to these questions, they all have a direct correlation to how you behave in the bedroom. Think about it! Need help? We thought of these 12 questions to help you along.

Time to find out what your partners already know; are they sending compliments to the chef, or sending the dish back to the kitchen?