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Your Ideal Date Will Tell Us Which Disney Prince Or Princess Is Your One True Soulmate

Who doesn’t want to be a Disney prince or princess? You may have an opinion on which you are, but that greatly depends on who you’d end up paired with. After all, Disney did a good job of giving us unrealistic expectations about hair, woodland creatures’ relative ability to assist with household chores, and the abiding presence of fairy godmothers. It’s only natural that we follow through with those unrealistic expectations about love too, right?

Not only do these princes and princesses find their happily ever after, they all have maybe one fight with their future significant other, then it’s easy breezy from then on out. How do they do it? Take this hypothetical soulmate on a date of your own design and we’ll match you with the Disney crafted-to-perfection royal that would most appreciate you and your style. Whatever the case, you’re marrying into Disney royalty. Sounds just about perfect! Now, get going!