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Can We Guess Your Zodiac Sign Based on Your Favorite Apps?

If there are two things in this world that we know we can use to predict your personality, it’s your astrological sign and how you use your phone. One is personal, individual, and close to your heart. Nobody’s phone is quite like yours. On the other hand, you share your astrological sign with thousands of other people in the world.

So it makes perfect sense that we’d be able to tell a little bit about one by learning about the other, right? If you’re skeptical, we don’t mind: our powers of personality deduction are impressive and the only way to test them is to take the quiz.

Open up your phone, pull up your favorite apps and see if we can decipher the connection between your phone personality and your astrological sign. Thanks to our psychic abilities it’s easy to see. From the stars to your fingertips, MagiQuiz knows you.