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Answer 12 Would You Rather Questions and We’ll Know How Tall You Are

One of the greatest kinds of questions in the world is the classic Would You Rather. Would you rather be able to teleport or read minds? Would you rather always drink coffee or always drink tea? There’s a whole world of Would You Rather questions, and we’ve combed through them all to find the hardest, the best, the ones that will make you think and the ones that will make you giggle.

But MagiQuiz always goes one step further: we’re introducing a psychic element to these questions. That’s right. With no information other than whether you prefer pie or cake, we will determine with absolute certainty (we’re never, ever wrong) how tall you are.

Whether you’re a towering giant or what we like to call fun size, we’ll use your preferences in life to determine your size. So jump on in to the Would You Rather machine and see how good we are.