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No Millenials Can Tell What This Outdated Technology Is

Human beings have an amazing ability to continue to create new technology. Just look at the last fifty years: we’ve built the entire internet, revolutionized cell phones, and we all carry tiny computers in our pockets every day. But what about all the technology that has disappeared in our search for bigger and better? It’s easy to forget about the tech that helped us on our way to where we are now.

This quiz is for all the youngun’s out there who may never have heard the sound of dial up or known the way that a landline feels. We’re going to find out how well you can identify the technology of the past by running a dozen pictures past you and seeing which ones you can name. Think you’re up to date on all the latest technology? That won’t help you here. Let’s find out if you can identify the oldest, most outdated technology we can find.