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Can We Guess Your Age Based on Your Taste in Candy?

Who doesn’t love a sweet, mouth-watering piece of candy? Everyone has their own unique favorites when it comes to treats. So what’s yours? Are you all about candy that’s so sour you literally cry when you eat it? Or are you more of a chocolate fan? And what about candy bars? Do you reach for the same type every time? Or do you like to try a new one every time?

And what about candy that you hate? Can you hardly stand black licorice? Or are you constantly talking about how much you hate candy corn? Does sour candy make you gag? And how often do you treat yourself? Do you indulge once per month? Or are you more of an every day type of candy fan?

Your candy choices say a lot about you as a person. Tell us about your favorite treats and we’ll guess your age. Ready to see if we can get it right? Let’s get started!