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Your Best Subject In School Says A Lot About You – And We Can Guess What It Is

Alright y’all. Break out those textbooks, sharpen those pencils, and try not to make eye contact with your crush, it’s back to school time! And before you kick up a fuss, it’s all fun and games. We’ll be out of here before you know it — unless you get detention.

The rules are simple. We’re going to ask you a few simple questions about your day-to-day life and then with our patented Wizard technology, we’re going to Magically tell you exactly what subject you loved most in school. And before you say “I hated school, I didn’t have a favorite subject”, don’t you think we’ve already planned for that? We take these quizzes seriously. More seriously than we took school at least.

What are you still reading this for? It’s time to quiz baby! Click that big blue button, I know you’re afraid, but you can do it. I believe in you.