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Anyone Born Before 1995 Should Score 10/12 On This ‘90s Movie Quote Quiz.

Most millennials claim the ‘90s was the best decade ever. They are not half wrong! With amazing music, fun television shows, tasty but super unhealthy snacks, and the best gadgets of the 20th century, those who lived through the ‘90s were a lucky group of people. This decade was full of cinematic gold, complete with movie scripts full of comedic, dark, philosophic, and romantic lines. How well do you remember these memorable movie quotes? Do you remember films like The Sixth Sense, Pulp Fiction, Jerry Maguire, and Titanic? Some of the greatest pop culture references started during the decade of Office Space and Wayne’s World. Do you think you remember the ‘90s well? We won’t ask you to draw anyone like a French girl, but we expect anyone alive during this decade to pass! If you think your ‘90s movie knowledge is all that and a bag of chips, answer these 12 questions to prove it!